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Shy vs. Not-so-shy

2006-08-30 4:48 p.m.
I previously mentioned a Shy Guy and how I was essentially writing him off.

Well, I take it back.

I figure if dating those who are just as much a loud-mouth extrovert as I am hasnt worked, I might as well give this a chance. After a few tries, Im both interested and intrigued with how things have developed.

After hanging in there and having several evenings out, complete with flirty eyes and some nervous anticipation, I finally got my goodnight kiss last Thursday.

Im gonna continue to have no expectations and see how things go.

As for the guy with the girlfriend I found on MySpace, I finally got to bust him. He and his work buddies had a break while driving around, so they stopped by my building. I met them downstairs for about twenty minutes. No big deal.

A couple weeks before, I mailed him a picture through the MySpace messaging system, and said that his girlfriend must be proud. In front of his friends, he asked me when I was going to mention that Id come across him on MySpace page. I took that opportunity to handle myself with humor and grace and question him when he was going to mention that he had a girlfriend.

His buddies laughed. He laughed. And I continued about how I found out, and that I even saw pictures of them on vacation together. From the peanut gallery:

She writes computer manuals for a living. Youre lucky you can read! Of course you got busted on the Internet!

Gotta love that.

Im still getting phone calls, but I expect them to end soon, when its abundantly clear that he really and truly is never gonna get it.

After all, I have someone else in my thoughts these days...

Happy Wednesday, all. May you each get a little flutter in your belly.

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