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It's a World of Laughter...

2007-03-20    2:57 p.m.
Last night I was talking with my door lady and a neighbor, when the topic of haircuts came up.

“Whatever you do, don’t get your hair cut by John around the corner. Let me tell you a story about John...”

So I started my tale on John at Originals Hair Salon and his scissors of doom. The neighbor stopped me, laughing. “That was you?!”

Apparently a quick Google search on Locks and Love and Chicago haircuts will bring you to my Craig’s List Best-of post “Where Not to Get a Hair Cut”.

She was telling me that after reading my entry two days ago, she walked past Original’s, realized it was the salon mentioned, got a good laugh, and marked it off the list, despite its nearby location.

Later in the conversation, she mentioned her church. I recognized the name, said that a guy from a Craig’s List ad I posted while looking for an actuary suggested that I check it out. I asked, “You wouldn’t happen to know a guy named Steve, would you?”

Guess who she just had dinner with?

Talk about small world. And to think, it’s all brought to you by Craig’s List.  

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