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Smirk and Smile

2006-09-06 2:47 p.m.
Ive been going back and forth with one of the guys over email today, and I dont know, whatever. Hes just being weird, out of left field and all that.

So I was sitting here with a furrowed brow, rolling my eyes at the situation with this one, when I get a new email message. The hot actuary just wants to say hello and see how things are going.

Then my work phone rings, and its someone calling to tell me that he was thinking of me and was disappointed that I didnt get to hang out with him the other night.

Then an IM pops up, and its someone else writing sweet nothings and requesting some of my time.

Then my cell phone rings, and my precious nephew tells me that he went to school and that there were monsters who wanted to eat him.

Guys who make me smirk: 1

Guys who made me smile: 4

Looks like my frown needs to be turned upside down...

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