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Jo McDrinky and her Saint Patty's Day Exploits

2006-03-13    3:36 p.m.
Somehow I started the weekend’s shenanigans at noon on Saturday, got home at 3 a.m. after fifteen hours of drinking, and suffered no ill effects.

Last Saint Patrick’s Day Benito and I went to the zoo, giving the people in line at any random frat bar an odd look since such drinking at that hour and in that quantity isn’t our idea of fun.

However, since I’m now trying to be more out and about, I decided that give it a go this year. There was never a moment during the day where I was stumbling (unlike those we previously gave looks to), so it made for an interesting evening.

I started the day trying to finish an iron-on shirt for the festivities. I neglected to think things through, though, and washed the plain t-shirt with fabric softener. Softener keeps things from sticking to your shirt, so there was no chance for the letters to get stuck. Alas, it was too late. The shirt will be made for next weekend, parade or no parade.

I high-tailed it down south to a friend’s house for a morning drink. One gin and tonic and lots of introductions later, we left for the 1 p.m. bar. Having friends who work for a major beer and liquor distributor, I got lots of beads and blinky things without having to ruin my good reputation. A few glasses of Guinness later, it was off to the 3 p.m. bar.

This place was surprisingly packed, but we found a decent spot to park ourselves. I met a lot of new people at this place, and I switched to green beers.

After a quick stop at McDonald’s for some beer buffer, we headed to the 7 p.m. bar up. More green beer was consumed. I ran into some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, so we spent a good amount of time catching up. Then some Irish dancers who were way too young to be in this particular establishment performed for a bit.

I was feeling a bit feisty, so I started messing with some friends of this guy my friend was talking with. Wouldn’t you know after busting on them for a good while (all in good fun, although one guy did flip out and prompt me to tell him that he needed a hug, thus calming him the fuck down), my friend was actually interested in their friend and I had to continue poking fun at these people for the rest of the night.

We ended up at some other bar where I met some more strangers.

And then I ended up at some other bar with Mexican karaoke going on.

And then I found a train and headed home.

If it wasn’t three in the morning, I’d have kept on keeping on. I had a great time, and I woke up without a hangover the next day.

I apparently witnessed the miracle of Saint Patrick: fifteen hours of beer and no hangover. 

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