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Dreary Ukulele Monday, Happy Sushi TV-watching Tuesday

2006-03-15† Ė† 4:49 p.m.
Monday was dark and dreary. Even I have days where I just want to sit on my ass, and Monday was the day.

Instead of climbing up to the el to ride way north of town for 1.5 hours of ukulele class, I skipped.

Iím an adult. There arenít people telling me that Iím wasting their good money on this.

It just wasnít a ukulele-playing day. What more can I say?

I spent the evening putzing around the house in my pajama pants, eating chips dipped in refried beans and salsa, and watching a Netflix. Whatís not to love about the occasional evening like that?

Yesterday I took off of work really early for a volunteer project. A work buddy of mine and I met with some non-profit big wig to talk about a cooperative project for what heís got going on.

I found myself in an impromptu meeting after that meeting, drafting up PowerPoint slides for the presentations it looks like Iíll now be giving all over the company to get others on-board. This could potentially be cool.

Dinner was at some fru-fru sushi place Iíve been meaning to try for ages. My friend Happy met up with me, and we dined. Knowing that I had a bottle of red at home and the first episode of Nashville Star coming on soon, we high-tailed it for my place.

Iím really just not impressed with the new people in Nashville Star. Iíve already picked the two who itíll come down to. I donít know names, so Iíll just say that it was #1 or #3 in last nightís show. But then again, none of you are watching that cheesy American Idol-like show, so you have no idea what Iím talking about.

What amuses me most about watching Nashville Star is the commercials during the show. If you watch MTV, youíll get those stupid 99-cents-per-day cell phone message clubs. If you watch HGTV, youíll get commercials for Sears. You hit your target audience and run with it. Demographics. I get it.

People who watch Nashville Star apparently shop at Wal-Mart, drive Chevy trucks, and use Aveeno lotion. Who knew?

Todayís been a pretty blah day at work. I was supposed to have a one-on-one lunch with my bossí bossí bossí boss, but he had a meeting that ran late. I waited downstairs for twenty minutes, only to head to Subway and then come back to my office to shoot him an email. Apparently he was running about ten minutes late and then came to my office to look for me, not the lobby as we previously planned. Greeeat.

Ah well. Lunch is now planned for this Friday. I hope he doesnít have anything fancy in mind. Iíd much prefer a quick deli lunch with some chit-chat than having to pretend to be interested in work stuff over a long lunch at a real restaurant. Iím just not feeling it.

I remember back in the day when bosses or contract managers used to take people out to lunch regularly. As a longtime contractor, Iíd rather be in the office billing than getting a free meal and forcing conversation. Believe me, Iím not the only one who thinks that way. If you want to thank me for a job well done, Iíd rather the occasional free Diet Coke or Subway/Taco Bell/Cosi gift certificates.

I can only think of one team of coworkers that Iíve ever enjoyed going out with (waving right now to TK and MK, who read this page) and one boss who brought me moon pies and real Cokes (my tastes have since changed) for a job well done.

Note that I didnít say I wanted a mug, mouse pad, or a t-shirt either...

Over and out. Itís not dreary like Monday, and Iíve got things to do. Happy Wednesday, all.†

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