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Love of the Library

2006-04-27 4:27 p.m.
I go through spurts here and there with the library. Usually my spurts are just long enough that I completely forget how much I love reading and get all excited that I have an eight-story library so near my house.

I actually get a little neurotic when I remember the library exists.

A few cycles back I wrote out all of the books on my wishlist and then anything I came across during a marathon browse-session on the site. I left enough space between each listed book that I could do a search on the librarys website for the call number. Then I cross-referenced each call number with a chart I found in the library, and I wrote out which floor Id find each book on.

See... Crazy, I tell ya.

So anytime I find myself in the library, I whip out my list of books and pick out a couple from each floor to check out.

I did this on Tuesday, picking up four books on a whim, and Im already down to 1.5 unread books. Despite volunteering tonight and having to go for a run in prep for the Salt Lake City Marathon, Ill definitely finish the 0.5 Im currently in.

I say that Netflix can wait for the weekend, but Ill likely pick up some more books then too. Whee!

Okay, enough geeking out. Id like to make up for it by talking about boobs or something, but Im unfortunately all out of time. I need to run off to Navy Pier to give kids some free vision screenings.

Happy Thursday, all.

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