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Tom Should Date Me FAQ

2007-06-02† Ė† 11:47 a.m.
Background: I started a new MySpace page with the intent of one day meeting Tom Anderson, president and co-founder of MySpace. Today I wrote up an FAQ to cover some of the emails I'm getting from people who are joining my friends network. Enjoy!


Are you serious?

Yes, I am.

I agree that itís silly that a 27-year-old woman has the hots for a few photos up on a profile, but I see it being far less silly than wanting to smooch on Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.

Unlike wanting a little Jolie-Pitt loviní, mine isnít so far-fetched. Tom and I are about the same age. We got our undergrad degrees in the same thing. I donít find anything on his profile or in his interviews that indicates heís a schmuck. And if nine out of ten dentists say chewing Trident after meals is a good thing, Iím pretty sure I can scrape up a similar endorsement saying that Iím also not a schmuck.

If he just happens to be the sort of guy who can comfortably carry on a conversation with a woman blessed with the gift of gab, thereís no telling.

Are you a stalker?

Iím not googling his home address, standing outside the MySpace offices, or leaving creepy notes on his car.

Iím just getting the word out that Iím interested in getting to know Tom.

Will we hit it off as friends, eventually date, or just continue as part of each otherís Extended Network? Thereís no telling. I have no expectations.

Are you a gold digger?

Nope. Iíve got my own bankroll. Itís not a $6b empire, but I do fine thankyouverymuch.

Why donít you just send him a message?

How many messages do you think Tom gets daily? From ďOMG, UR 2 KEWL,Ē to ďHow do I change the colors of my page?Ē heís got plenty to sift through.

Also, MySpace is his job. You donít see him writing comments on peopleís pages, posting those silly survey bulletins, or letting everyone know what his weekend plans are with an invite to tag along. I have no expectations for him/someone representing him to do anything more with the /tom site than to filter through the crap heís sent, write the occasional blog or bulletin, pick up the viable improvement options, and keep the comments clean.

But isnít Chicago far away from LA?

Yes, it is. But Chicago isnít my home for too much longer. Iím from Texas, so these winters chill my bones a bit too much. After four years, Iíve given Chicago a fair shake. I love it for the few months itís above 50 degrees, but the rest of the time Iím watching Law and Order reruns on TNT and eating copious amounts of carbs.

This is no way for a woman to live.

Come January 2008, after spending two extended (and warm!) months in Texas while getting to know my niece and nephew better (they were both born since I moved to Chicago), Iíll be heading to the sunny skies of LA. Iím lucky enough to have an employer who doesnít care where I work from, so Iím going to take advantage of that perk and keep the sun on my bones.

What does Tom think about this?

I donít know. If talked with him, I wouldnít have this silly site.

In the interviews Iíve seen and read, he seems to have a sense of humor to know that Iím of no harm. If he finds this scary, Iím sure Iíll find out through one of those pesky cease and desist letters. †

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