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Ups and Downs

2005-06-21† Ė† 5:17 p.m.
Todayís been a load of crap.

Benitoís talked to my voicemail.

His email inbox got a response.

Iíve talked with his voicemail.

My email inbox got a response.

Iím damn nervous about it for multiple reasons.

My lunch date was postponed until tomorrow.

I have no appetite anyway.

Iím damn nervous about that for multiple, similar reasons.

Workís been insanely busy.

Iím too distracted to do too much.

I ran into some information via a friend that has left me severely pissed off.

And hurt. Very hurt.

I have to go shopping because I have exactly one pair of work pants that arenít completely falling off my ass.

Iím finding myself too busy to run, and I feel all stir-crazy about it.

And because I canít be all Nelly Negative, here are some good things:

My friend Oz was the 1000th person to sign my guestbook since I opened up two and a half years ago. Heíll receive a prize soon. I get to shop accordingly. Whee!

Despite having no work clothes, all of my hoochie mama skirts still fit.

My job is chill enough that I can take off for 30 minutes without announcing it to anyone so I can make a phone call in the privacy of my own home.

My BFF is coming to Chicago in about a month.

Thereís a race to run, followed up by the gay pride parade on Saturday. I have a great stop spot thanks to PeteyPuke having a pad along the way.

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