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Bye-bye-bye Friend (boo), Boys (so long), and 2006 (yay)

2006-12-05† Ė† 9:35 a.m.
On Friday night I went to a friend's going away party at the most wonderful bar. Not too crowded, a good mix of people, cheap drinks, and best of all, NO SMOKING ALLOWED.

Do you know how great it was to go home and not have to dip my jacket in a vat of Febreeze? And, OH! The Breathing! The glorious, glorious breathing! From now on, itíll be all non-smoking bars.

I had some interesting conversation with a girl friend that night that lead to me giving one of the best suggestions Iíve come up with. No one I know is dating anyone they actually like. Hell, everyoneís just someone to pass the occasional evening with. And, really, whatís the point of that when you have fabulous friends who are a lot more fun than the evening spent with a guy youíre waiting to give the heave-ho to once youíre officially bored with him?

I gave the friend a challenge to eliminate all of the ho-hum guys in her life by the start of the New Year. By the end of the evening, I had multiple friends signed on to this idea. The next night I prophesized to another group of masses, and itís caught momentum.

If you are a man who suddenly finds himself with unreturned phone calls and declined invitations after months of occasionally seeing a really frickiní fabulous woman you just never got around to really catching hold of, I offer my apologies for starting a revolution.

I gave a girl friend the boot lately, and itís really been for the best. I let her throw a tantrum over something inconsequential, and then I let that be my way out. No more carrying her home because sheís too drunk to walk and refuses to take a cab. No more having to shove her into a cab on her more agreeable nights, sometimes paying for said cab ride. No more picking up the excess on the tab because she bailed on the group to go home with some guy. Now imagine that Iím doing that little birdie-looking hand thing as I use the words of ĎNSync and sing, ďBye-bye-bye!Ē

After an eye-rolling incident on Saturday night, Iím now taking my own idea into the dating arena and giving everyone who has merely a hint of date-ability in them the heave-ho.

All of you: Bye-bye-bye. Iím starting 2007 off clean.

Speaking of starting off 2007, Iím doing it in the fabulous city of Atlanta with my dear friend Catie-dids and an unnamed ninja extraordinaire. Multiple open bars, a hopping dance floor, and good people will make for a great night.

NYE is well-known as my favorite day of the year. In years past Iíve had some ridiculous outfits in celebration. This year Iím not going to wear a corset, mini skirt, and fishnets with rhinestones or a tube top with feathers, a sequins skirt, and a tiara around that many strangers. Instead Iím going with a more respectable purple halter dress. Ooh la la.

I will resist wearing the afro wig... I will resist wearing the afro wig... I will resist wearing the afro wig... †

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