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Running, Oprah, and 5-6 Clicks

2006-02-14† Ė† 6:26 p.m.
Two days in a row? Letís see how this goes...

Last night I was supposed to hit up a local running groupís get-together, but seeing that the thermometer was reading in the teens for much of the day and that it was going to be hard to get over there on-time for the group run, I bailed and didnít worry about leaving work on-time.

By time I got out of the office, the mercury rose enough that I couldnít make any excuses for not getting outside for a run. 35ish. Downtownís large buildings block much of the howling gale. My knee feeling fine these days.

I bundled up top with a long-sleeved, sweat-wicking top, a cotton t-shirt on top of that, my zip-up fleece, ear covers, a knit hat, and some gloves. The bottoms arenít too bundle-y in the winter: just my stretchy cotton pants and my regular socks.

Iím following a training program designed to improve my running times, and Mondays are nice-and-easy days. Having had a cold for the past few weeks and a bunch of time off since the marathon, I took it really easy with 10 minute miles. I was only supposed to run three miles, but I rounded the corner for a fourth for good measure. It really felt great.

Back in high school, I swear that I never ran more than 1.5 miles without stopping. I donít know what it was about my body that just screamed STOP after hitting that first mile. It really doesnít make sense, seeing that I could sprint up and down the basketball court for two-hour practices without blinking an eye. I used to joke that if you gave me a basketball I could run the marathon.

Apparently I proved myself wrong.

Today I took some initiative and signed up again for the Chicago Marathon. They have their $90 registration fee, so itís official. Iím doing it again.

I know I said I wouldnít, but Iím again proving myself wrong.

Iím getting more and more used to it these days, even though it involves stepping out of my well-controlled comfort zone. Iím not saying that I like it, necessarily... Iím just saying that Iím getting more and more used to it.

I know Iíve previously mentioned recognizing signs and being open to what they say. Last night Oprah spoke to me. Iíve more recently had an extreme feeling of betrayal from Benito with one particular topic that weíd been talking about lately. How could my best friend do this? On and on and on.

In the paraphrased words of Oprah: Heís not your best friend. You just thought he was. Your best friend wouldnít ever do that. Quit thinking of him as your best friend, and there are suddenly no higher expectations for his actions. Without expectations, thereís no betrayal. The end.

I know that Iím a thinking (vs. a feeling) woman all the way, but sometimes if takes another thinking woman to open our eyes.

Thanks, Oprah.

Now prepare for me to beat your marathon time this year. Iím gonna smoke those four and a half hours.

Have a couple minutes? Please fill this out. Someone had it on her page yesterday, and the results were interesting. Iím curious to see what people think. Will I have delusions of grandeur? I think not.†

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