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Don't Panic, Look Pretty, Be Known, and Blow Things Up

2008-01-07† Ė† 5:06 p.m.
Today I headed back to work for the first time in about five weeks. Last Friday I nearly had a panic attack thinking about going back. I've been complaining to friends that working for a living is for chumps. I've also scrounged all the usual sites for more income-producing properties to enable me to live the life I want to live. (READ: Doing whatever I want during the day instead of working for the man.)

After five weeks away, I clearly forgot something. Apparently I spend half of my day jacking around on IM, so it's pretty much what I'd be doing at home anyway. Only here I get tossed a few pesos for showing up, looking pretty, and answering questions. As for today, I'm earning my keep by asking questions that seem like common sense to me but make developers scratch their heads. I think they're happy to have me back, even if the feeling is only lukewarm on my side. Better lukewarm than icy, heh?

Speaking of looking pretty, I completely forgot about the dressing-up aspect of work. I usually aim to look like I have my shit together, but it's entirely different when you're shimmying into a skirt and heels than when hopping into a tank and jeans. My work style has changed a lot over the 4.5 years that I've been here, and I've fully mastered the Sexy Librarian look. You're only seeing a hint of skin, but it's alluring skin nonetheless. I feel like an actual -- *gasp* -- woman when I come into work.

Now add to it that I'm sporting a pair of the sexiest glasses you will ever find gracing the faces of angels (um, sexy angels), and all is pretty good in the workday world. I got these frames a few months ago while visiting Ms. Catie. I finally filled them during the weeks I was away, and I'm just now starting to wear them all the time. Seeing is pretty awesome, and I'm doing it fully these days.

I've become acquainted with a new group lately, and it's funny that they only know me with the glasses on. When I hung them on my collar at the end of a late night, someone noted how different I looked with them off. Today in the mirror while brushing my teeth, I noticed that my glasses-less face looked plain. For most of my 28 years it's been my usual face, though sometimes slightly obstructed by subtle wire-rimmed glasses. But these glasses are meant to be noticed. Theyíre like jewelry for the face, and we all know how I feel about jewelry.

The whole glasses-being-the-way-they-know-me thing reminded me of when I changed my name over to Jo. There are some people in Chicago who know me as Joanna, and there are people who know me as Jo. Itís always amusing when these groups collide. Ryan says something about Joanna, and Heather doesnít immediately connect who heís talking about. My birthday evite went out, and half of the gays didnít initially respond because they didnít know who Jo was. And now to this new group, I am neither Joanna nor without my sassypants glasses. With the next group Iíll change my name to Princess Consuela Buttercup and exclusively wear the afro wig.

Last night I hung out with this couple who lets me tag along with them. After dinner, we watched the much-anticipated return of American Gladiators. Being a fan of karate and explosions, this aligned well with my interests. Two hours of bone crunching, and I was a happy little lady. Tonight begins the regular season, and the couple and I are again having dinner before watching the show. I like having friends like this. Coming together over gratuitous violence. Aww. Not to get all sappy, but it makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with a handsome man and watch kung-fu movies. Iíll settle for a Rocky marathon, since Iím told that itís requisite watching for my full indoctrination into all things Spike TV.

On that note, Iím outta here. Itís time to de-shimmy from the skirt and heels, hop into jeans and a tank, and prepare to watch the Wolf gladiator kick some laymen tush. May your evening be filled with whatever level of television violence you enjoy. †

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