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How to Improve a Monday

2005-11-07    11:43 a.m.
To: Senator Steve Rauschenberger
From: ChicagoJo
Subj: A&F t-shirts

I was most disappointed this morning when I saw in the Red Eye that you actually introduced legislation on the senate floor over a few stupid t-shirts. I am even more disappointed that I am not in your district to vote you out of office the next time elections come along.

Do you jerks in the Illinois senate have nothing else to spend your time (and my money) on? Are overpriced t-shirts really such an issue that you feel it necessary to call attention to it during an official senate meeting? Good lord, man. Let it be.

Knuckleheads like you have given A&F so much free advertising because you can’t just sit down, shut up, and let people decide for themselves whether or not to not buy tasteless materials.

With A&F, we vote with our dollars on what we do and don’t want. Fortunately in Elgin, people don’t have to spend a dime to cast a ballot to let you know that your opinion on shirts is useless to making Illinois a better place.

District 5

Cc: Rickey R. Hendon, State Senator  

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