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You Wrote Me Because You Clearly Weren’t Thinking

2007-10-10    10:21 a.m.
On a December evening, I took you to a friend’s holiday party. I’m not going to rehash anything about your behavior of that night as my defense. I sometimes like telling stories that tell it to the least common denominator, letting the facts do the talking.

Short story: I took you to a party, and you perceived my behavior toward you as rude.

When we left the party semi-early, you went to enter my cab. I said something about sharing a cab being fine, and you became out-right indignant that I wasn’t going home with you. You shouted, “FINE!” and slammed the cab door on me, stomping off to another cab.

Two minutes later, my cell phone rang. “THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME,” you began. I kept my cool, saying that it was a late night, you had a little to drink, and that we could talk in the morning. Yet the shouting kept coming. I diffused it as best I could, refraining for merely hanging up the phone.

By time I got home, I already received two text messages. One called me a “total bitch”.

The next day I had a message posted in my blog from someone I’d never met. I recognized the girl as the friend you told me left dinner with you early because “she missed her boyfriend” or some jumbo that. She called me all sorts of colorful names, essentially saying that I was ungrateful and didn’t deserve to breathe the same air that you do.

On a whim, I clicked her page. The comments contained nasty messages galore, including ones that degraded one of my friends and his profession. Did you really have no other ammunition against me that you had to hit at someone you’d never met? Amazing.

You then posted a blog entry that knowingly took something I said out of context and then opened up the comments for your friends to bash me. Among the “That person stinks!” messages posted, there was also one that stated my name and called me “barren”.

Then to finish things off, you sent an email to apologize a few days later. How you actually liked me. How you didn’t want things to end like this. How you hope that we can be friends. This could have been taken as a sincere apology had you still not had the blog posted and the messages about me in your comments section. So I chose to merely delete it.

All of these acts were met with silence. I didn’t yell when you yelled at me on the phone. I didn’t send text messages back, calling you awful names. I deleted your friend’s nasty comment. I didn’t defend myself on any of the public forums where you and your friend bashed me.

I just let it go. Between the anger management issues, the immediate jump to attack my character, the unwarranted attack on my friend, the inclusion of your friends in the nasty things being said, and your complete lack of sincerity, you are not a person I want to be associated with whatsoever.

So why you thought it was appropriate to write me ten months later, saying that you came across my profile and wanted to say hello, I do not know. But do know that you will not be getting a response. 

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