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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

2006-05-04 11:38 a.m.
On Friday night I had a crazy night with my girls. I mentioned it in my last entry, but I left something out. While talking about boys I said, I really should go make out with my hot next door neighbor. I even text messaged it to a friend who was unable to make it to our night out so she got a good laugh at my drunken mumblings.

What happened the next day? Im minding my own business, la la la, and I randomly ran into him. As my last entry said:

He invited me in for a beer, and one beer turned into 3-4 beers, delivered dinner, and four hours of hanging out while we both should have been doing other stuff.

I left out our second encounter where we hung out some more and smooched a little. Oh the scandal!

I have me a little crush, yes indeedy. But dont read too much into it. The point of this story isnt that my neighbor and I got a little kissy-faced. The point is that I asked for it, and I got it the next day.

So yesterday I met up with two friends from other offices for lunch, and they commented that I was wearing pantyhose. Yes, its part of my works dress code. If they want me to wear hose, Ill wear hose so long as they keep paying me the big bucks. I dont like it, but Ill do it.

So I come in this morning, and whats in my email inbox?

From: The Desk of Chicagos Managing Director
To: Chicago Jos Real Name
Subj: Updates to the Chicago Metro Dress Code

The Chicago City Council has recently approved some revisions to our dress code. They recognized that some of our requirements, such as women having to wear closed-toe shoes and hosiery during hot weather, were not always suitable for our climate or consistent with what other business professionals wear.


So once again, I asked for it, and I got it the next day.

Gee, Id really like to win tomorrow nights lotto. Really, really.

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