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We're Not Talking About Snowflakes...

2005-12-12† Ė† 10:07 a.m.
I keep a Word doc on my hard drive so I can write an entry when I take breaks throughout the day. This was the start to a December 2nd entry.

I was feeling cruddy last night, but I told myself to hold out until 9:30 to call Benito to see if I could go over there just to sleep. At 9:15 there was a knock at my door with Benito surprising me with a hug and a bottle of wine.

Itís amazing how that works.

We spent the rest of the evening (and slightly into the morning hours) on the couch, talking and drinking plenty -- including a second bottle of Merlot from the 7-11 across the street.

Well, eight days later he flaked on me. Thatís the end of that. So be it.

No sympathy notes or calls needed. My fuck-it mentality is back. After one day of moping, yesterday snapped me exactly back where I was six months ago -- the first time he flaked -- without me having to relive those retched post-breakup two to three weeks.

Itís not to say that Iím not sad or disappointed (or outright pissed), but really... I canít do anything except roll my eyes and sigh.

Itís absolute horseshit. †

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