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Shiny Shine, Shoes, Santa Monica, Siren Skull, and SFHH

2007-02-09† Ė† 4:48 p.m.
Yesterday I bought the ring I previously linked. I figure that since I canít be ass-bothered by thinking those sorts of thoughts about a man, I might as well get something shiny for little olí me.

I know it isnít that much money, but Iíve never bought myself anything like this before. Iím more the type to buy cheetah-print shoes. Case in point:

These look especially bitchiní when I wear them with all black.

Add to it that I also have these red satin and black lace heels, grey and black snakeskin heels, and pink slip-on strappy heels. Ooh la la!

I love cute shoes, but donít think Iím Carrie Bradshaw with $40,000 blown on them. I instead have a house thatís 25% paid for, a maxed out Roth IRA, a matched 401K, and enough insurance and bread to feed the proverbial ducks should anything ever happen to me.

Speaking of shoes, I think these are the last few months ever that Iíll get to wear my knee-high boots. Plans for sunnier skies are moving along, and Iíve recruited a few people to come with. Iím not keen on having roommates, but whatever works will work.

In truth, itíll probably end up being just me and Hambone when the time comes to actually pack up and head out there since I canít count on others to do what I want them to do. But whatever. I did Chicago all by myself. I can handle the beach the same way. At least this time Iíll be warm and employed.

My knee-high boots are smokiní hot with a skirt, but Iíll gladly trash them if I get to paint my toenails and wear any of the above-mentioned cute heels for nine months of the year.

Le sigh.

Earlier this week I went in for a dentist appointment. Can you please tell me why they even bother handing out freebie toothbrushes when I wouldnít even brush Hamboneís teeth with what they gave me? Iíd fear that the bristles will fall out and choke my poooor wittle kitty.

But really. After billing my insurance company $100 for 30 minutes for scraping my teeth, couldnít I at least get a flat-headed Oral B? Is that really too much to ask?

Bueller? Bueller?

Last night I stayed in my cozy house and dyed my hair super-dark red again. Although weíre still months away from warm weather (when Iíd consider going back to a hair color closer to my natural shade), Iím already thinking about it.

A friend pointed out a photo of me hugging my Catie where I look like I have really light brown hair. This is a possibility... Iíll stab myself in the belly before I go blonde.

I have nothing against blondes. A lot of people really do look good like this. My issue is that Iíll look all washed out if I went too light, Iím unwilling to dye my brows to match, and that Iím sick of every makeover show adding blonde highlights to any young white girl, saying that itíll brighten up her face. Ugh!

Moving along now, tonight is Super Fantastic Happy Hour, the twice-monthly evening where I name a bar and 20 of my friends show up. Weíre again going to Trinity, this non-smoking bar with cheap Guinness on tap, since Iím the boss of SFHH and I want no smoke.

Of course this care will be negated by going to Carolís, a late-night dive where they play country-western music and welcome all walks of life. There will be bikers, southern belles, suburbanites who paid for an all-night babysitter, and plenty of late-night bums like me who are itching for a Lone Star longneck and someone to call darliní while we boot scoot across the floor.

Plans for after we get our fill of two-stepping will be to fill our bellies with Korean BBQ. They bring you a hibachi, plates of all sorts of stuff, and you grill everything on the table. I donít know about the safety of giving a bunch of drunk people a mini fire at the table, but I love the little plates of stuff: cabbage and vinegar combined every which way. So good!

Anyway, itís time to get outta here. I have to go grocery shopping before I get the weekend started. Itís 15 degrees out, but it feels closer to a blissful 30 after the shit weather weíve had. I might just walk to the grocery store!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.†

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