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Working from Home is Glorious

2008-02-13† Ė† 3:03 p.m.
Itís been over two weeks since Iíve shown my face in the office. No trudging through slush and sleet to get there. No waking up early to put on clothes. No arriving at a certain time to make an early-morning conference call. No, no, no!

Iím hoping that they eventually forget that I work there, stop assigning me work, and just keep sending the paychecks. That would be all sorts of kickassery.

My days have been a little off-kilter due to not going into the office. If I were a man, Iíd have a beard reaching mountain man proportions. Alas, my gender instead allows me a really clean house, all of my laundry done, and freshly-dyed red hair.

Hambone loves this arrangement like youíd imagine any heat-seeking small mammal would. Thereís a warm lap to nap on, someone to annoy for food, and the ever-pleasing pet-on-demand feature.

One coworker did manage to remember that I am still employed there, and she sent me the following while asking if thatís how I was spending my days:

And for reference, that guy works in another department at White Men in Ties, Inc.

Yesterday was an especially odd work-from-home day. I wasnít feeling so hot that morning, so I took a Benadryl after my 8:30 conference call, and went to lie down. I turned off the alarm I set for 30 minutes later and slept until 2 p.m.

Now, before any coworker who might be reading this gets on my case, please realize that I will be working most of my Saturday and Sunday to make up the hours or turning them in as burned vacation time. I may joke about hoping that everyone forgets me so I can collect paychecks on the sly, but Iím actually not a thief. Also, do note that I am uploading content into the repository as I type this. I have time stamps to back me up. So there.

Anyway, todayís been nothing but uploading crap to some web page. And although that sounds like oh-so-much excitement, trust me when I say itís not.

That being said, I should wrap this up. For a blog entry thatís been delayed for a couple weeks, this is really lame.

Also, be on the lookout for some changes around here. Once I get a blog entry worth posting, I'll make everything all snappy. †

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