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I Have My Reasons

2008-01-25† Ė† 1:22 a.m.
Many, many moons ago I played on my high school basketball team. For some ungodly reason, when we ran sprints, we were made to bend down and touch the line on the gym floor.

My best friend had great issue with this, as it made her back completely out-of-whack. Now, if a 15-year-old is suffering from lower back pain caused by touching the floor, you KNOW this is bad.

Fifteen! There are no reasons for this!

Despite the scream that came from her lower lumber region, we were conditioned to even more so dread the screaming from our coaches. There certainly would have been talk about our lack of dedication and apparent laziness. My best friendís back be damned! We must have been refusing to touch the lines out of teenaged defiance!

I decided right then and there that I wanted to be an adult. Adults can analyze these expectations, make decisions accordingly, and apply their decisions without having to listen to what others say about it. Now, thereís a difference in telling your boss to fuck off because you think coming into work at 10 is preferable to making your 8:30 meeting; however, having an extra HoHo with your lunch is, as an adult, your business to tend to.

Hostess snacks aside, there really are all sorts of decisions that make being an adult awesome. Decide who you want as friends! Do what you want to do! Live where you want to live! Buy whatever toys you want! The list goes on and on.

Not too long ago, when I took classes at my gym instead of hitting the weights nearly everyday, I was reminded of this ability to say no and do what I instead felt was right for me. I enjoyed this Latin Grooves class where the instructor would build a routine as the class went along, adding four counts until our 45 minutes were up and the step class was ready to come in. She liked throwing spins into the routine, and I donít like spins because they make me instantly dizzy.

What was she going to do? Kick me out of class? Call me out on it? Accuse me of being a bad sport? Nope!

The cool-down sessions at the end of the classes? Nope!

The abs class directly after spin class? Nope!

Heck, doing crunches at all? Nope!

Now, when this boot camp instructor requested that we bend down to touch the line during sprints, you can bet your ass that I didnít. All the while I was smiling to myself that I didnít have to because I am an adult.

Lately Iíve been on a theater kick.

CORRECTION: My friend has been on a theater kick. Iíve mostly just been going along.

I figure that since I live in this world-class city and own a home within the theater district, I should take advantage of my proximity. Thereís also nothing wrong with throwing a bit of culture into my days. Lord knows Iím not getting cultured by reading about Britney Spearsí ongoing custody battle as she flashes her crotch all over town instead of showing up to her deposition.

So far Iíve seen some all-singing production in a dark, upstairs room of an otherwise fine theater, Wicked from the center of the front row, and something else with a bunch of signing and a disgruntled Mrs. Claus. Tonightís show was My Fair Lady.

Once the intermission hit, that was enough of that. I announced to my friends that I was bored out of my skin, told them that if they wanted to head out I was on my way, and then bid them a good night.

Yes, I walked out of it.

After all, I am an adult. †

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