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Lack of Slack

2007-02-07    7:36 p.m.
Right now I’m in the midst of setting up a business. I’ve mentioned it here and there, but things are finally moving along now.

Finding the right domain name isn’t proving to be easy. I came up with a great company name months ago, but the only available domain is fifty bajillion letters long. I’m trying to convince myself that instead of duking it out for my preferred www, I should just create a generic company with a division that handles this business venture.

On the upside, my graphics search is complete. I found myself a talented designer who submitted superb stuff to me. I’ve at least got that nearly settled.

The goal of this company is to learn as much as possible about running and marketing a business so I don’t make the same mistakes when I come up with my actual money-making idea. That being said, I still need to buy the domain name, set up the web site, finalize the graphics, write up web content, design and print business cards read a bunch on how to market a company for free, send out my press releases, and all of that other stuff that I have written down on the 36 post its I have all over my home office.

Note to self: Embrace your inner man, and fix the electrical wiring in that room.

I also need to decide on a title for my business card. “President and Founder” sounds a little goofy to me (it’s too close to the Hair Club for Men’s “President and Customer”), but calling me “CEO” screams that my title should instead be “Entire Company”. Which is true and all... But, yeah. That’s not gonna fly.

Decisions, decisions.

Once a week I allow myself to stay at home and slack off on my working out. With how friggin’ miserable Chicago is right now, I took Monday off. Yeah, that was the most horrid day in ages...

So I went home and ate mashed potatoes with gravy and soy beans mixed in. It was tasty, but I’ve felt like a slug since then since I now have no slacker day to look forward to now.

And since I have no slacker day left and I’ve already worked late, I’m off to find sushi so it can digest as soon as possible and I can run on the treadmill for an hour and lift legs before I go to sleep.  

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