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TV, Books, Book Ideas, and Smart People

2005-09-28† Ė† 5:32 p.m.
On Friday night Benito and I went out on one of our now-more-frequent dates. Dinner and a couple beers started the night off, and we finished it back at his place, watching Tivo-ed shows from the week.

LOST. Damn, you are good. However, I called everything that happened in jest.

I also saw the latest episode of House. If anyone else watches this, will someone please let me know how the girl got back on the show? I apparently missed something along the way.

And in my final TV mention, my oh-so-frigginí awesome Benito apparently has a little nerdiness in him. Heís really into Battlestar Galactica (which comes on Friday evenings, if that tells you how nerdy it is), and heís had me watch bits and pieces as he catches up on it. Lo and behold, Iím getting sorta interested in the storyline.

Now letís keep this a secret, okay? He doesnít read often, so he likely wonít find out.

Benito had to go to work on Saturday and Sunday for some checking-overs and finalizations, so I was on my own.

I spent Saturday walking around the neighborhood near my old house. I started with a destination of The Spice House and braved the rain and humidity for the couple-mile walk.

I ended up with just a Jamaican jerk spice and a peppercorn dip mix, and Iím thoroughly pleased with each. Right now Iíve got some fake chicken swimming in an authentic Jamaican jerk marinade and a jar of dressing in the fridge. My mouth will be a happy mouth tonight.

The rest of Saturday was grocery shopping, lounging, and reading. Lots and lots of reading.

I finished a so-so Pulitzer Prize fiction novel, a book on how to write a novel in 30 days, and a book on being a better real estate agent.

Iíve read a good number of Pulitzer Prize-winning novels lately, and Iíve got to say that very few have even made it on the Jo-meter. This latest one didnít really even have a point. And the one before that either. And The Hours was lame. Etc., etc., etc. I can honestly say that the only one Iíve really enjoyed was The Age of Innocence, the first one I read compliments of crowhihs when I needed reading material for the flight home from our Vegas trip.

The second book was in preparation of this Novemberís NaNoWrimo. I also made a list of potential book topics or characters, coming up with three I really rather like.

The first is a collection of short stories about women. A previous professor of mine wrote a book of stories about women police officers in Baton Rouge, and the idea is a neat one that can be applied to any number of subjects. Since itís not officially a novel, Iím not officially supposed to write that. But whatever. Itís an idea.

The second was prompted when I was thinking romantic thoughts. Although kinda odd, I wondered about getting amnesia and how it would affect my life. Iím fairly certain that it would be very easy to fall in love with Benito again. And from there I wrote down ďWoman has amnesia and falls in love with her husband again.Ē

This isnít quite the type of book that my mind could complete, so I took it a step more: ďWoman has an accident and fakes her illness to continue getting sympathy and attention from her previously adulterous husband.Ē I took this even further: ďHer doctor knows sheís faking, but he doesnít say anything because heís secretly in love with her and looks forward to her regular doctor visits.Ē

This is a promising story.

And then stuck a cobweb in my brain I have this idea for a story about a disgruntled Mary Kay sales lady. Iíve gone no further than that, but the thought intrigues me.

The third book that day that I finished was on being a better real estate agent. Since I have that shiny license looking to be used, I might as well learn a few things before I hang the license on the wall and call it a profession.

Iím making appointments with real estate brokers this week to try to find myself a home. Once thatís done, Iím going to see about changing my regular work schedule from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Itíll be rough for a while, but itís a workable solution to needing more time in the afternoons and evenings. Once all of thatís done, Iíll start looking for people who need houses. Ta-da!

Iím on a quest to have a certain amount of money in my savings account by time Iím 30. Itís totally do-able, but now Iím on a quest to beat that deadline. Itís sorta like my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list: I have a deadline, and itís been stated. I now have to do it.

Sunday. Blah blah blah. The weather was again crummy, so I waited most of the day out before going to the library to re-supply the stack of books on my bed stand.

I got another real estate book (one will always be in my weekly collection since I canít learn too much about it), a book on physical anthropology, and a book a friend recommended for me on choice theory.

Benito and I were talking the other night, and we were questioning what smart people do later in life to remain smart. I donít look at myself and say, ďSelf, youíre smart,Ē but I know Iím pretty bright. Since the last time I proved that I had some actual brains (graduating magna cum laude in the university honors program at 19), Iíve taken all the community college classes I can really take, and I read like crazy. I guess that takes up my brain power pretty well.

I may waste a lot of time writing drivel on my and other peopleís blogs, watching Law and Order, and talking to Hambone, but what are a few slow brain cells gonna hurt anyway?

In the midst of my other time wasting activity (Netflix), I recently watched an interesting documentary on Tammy Faye Bakker. The production value of the DVD wasnít too hot and could very easily turn people away, but I enjoyed the story of her life quite a bit.

So many people who are good and kind for the particular purpose of going to heaven annoy the piss out of me. If you only motivation to be nice is the fear of hell, thereís something wrong with you.

There. Iíll say it.

Based off of what this documentary showed, Tammy Faye really was a remarkable woman. She seemed to love everyone because it was the right thing to do. To have an interview with an HIV-positive gay man in the early 1980s and start crying, asking why Christians turn their backs on their brothers, especially those in need... Damn. That really summed up her character quite nicely.

There was also this part showing her giving a recent sermon about letting go of those who wronged you in the past. If you followed her life, you know that Jerry Falwell completely fucked her over. She mentioned how for years and years she carried this anger toward him. But in the end, it wasnít causing harm to Jerry; it was only causing her grief. So she decided just to let it go and let God deal with it.

Now, Iím not a religious person. Iím all for living my life without taking the risk that thereís even a god to sort things out and make it all even-Steven in the end. I follow karma for no reason other than the point that if youíre a jerk, people will be a jerk right back.

But Iíll admit that Tammy Fayeís words really resonated with me. Over a few events in my lifetime, Iíve gathered a certain amount of anger toward a few people who really and truly wronged me.

And by thinking about what she said, I was able to knock my list from three people down to one. I dismissed one person as a not-so-good friend and left it at that. The other I realized was essentially a little girl in a very bad situation that she wasnít aware of. Hell, I wasnít even tuned into it until now.

So there. Two people off my back. Amazingly enough, I actually do feel kinda better about it.

Okay, this was an accidental divulgence into something a little more than my usual topical one-way discussions. I wonít hit the delete key quite yet because I think thereís some merit to what I just said. So letís just pretend that I didnít get all deep on you for a moment and move along.

Rats! Today I found out that my jean jacket has a hole in its sleeve.

Okay, that was a good attempt at something else. That attempt is enough for me. Iím outta here. Have a good night.†

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