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I've Got this Market Cornered

2006-09-18 6:15 p.m.
Well, well. Ive been a little lax in updating here. Blame it on either not all too much going on or things going on that I dont want to mention in a public forum. You take your pick on where to properly affix the accusation, and lets move along from there, shall we?

The other day I posted a personal ad on Craigs List to see what kind of response Id get. Most people post ads that say things like I want a kind man who works out and wants a long-term relationship.

This is not how to post a personal ad.

What Ive found as key is that you ask very specifically for what you want. If you want someone who likes to ride his bike along the lakefront path, youre in luck! If you want someone who shares your love of garden gnomes, I bet hes out there! If you want a millionaire sex freak with a boat, hell respond. If you want someone who works on the 37th floor of your work building, someones gonna notice the ad and pass it around the entire company and then invite you to happy hour.

In my case, I posted a very specific ad. I explained why I was looking for someone with those characteristics, and I explained why Id be a good match for that person. All in all, its a solid ad, well on its way to a Best Of posting.

The response has thus far been really good. Im getting a very specific subset of men who are absolutely eating it up that Ive requested their attentions, no matter how nerdy they might be.

Then today I got an email from a female telling me that my ad was posted in an online forum.

I post in the CL personals section, and I get reposted where a bunch of guys who fit the main requirement I request are readily hanging out. Talk about target marketing!

If nothing else, this has been fun. Heres to hoping I find the actuary of my dreams...

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