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Yes, It's Been a While

2007-05-07 6:49 p.m.
Things that I've done since I last posted:

I sang and danced in a show.

My parents came for a visit.

I went to London with my friend Becky and got to see Ato while I was there.

I wrote an article for Pink Magazine.

I fianlly broke down and paid $7.50 for a bottle of nail polish, knowing good and well that paying double my going price would be worth it.

I drafted two business plans for some things I've been working on for a bit.

I bought a new pair of expensive jeans and a pair of light pink Pumas.

I looked at an investment property near a local college campus.

I got two front teeth ordered that will be here and put on in about a week.

I lost and then found my phone.

I've worked out consistently in prep for a fall marathon (that could very well be my last since the DFW was so awful).

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